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Free Look Option?

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Don't worry SleepDoc, made the same mistake myself re: Stormin.

As for TrackIR, it's simply a brilliant piece of hardware. Their catch-phrase, "get your head in the game" could not be more accurate. Not only does it physically translate your real head movements to virtual movements on screen, it really immerses you in the game and you really are "in the game".

Last but not least, we've argued the finer details of being able to look behind you in fighter planes ad nauseum on the IL-2 forums. The consensus is, it's doable, provided:

a) There's room for it: some cockpits are just too tight like the Bf109 and others have very restrictive straps.

b) You're not pulling G's: any significant G-load will hinder movement in general but torso/head rotation esp.

c) Your constitution allows for it: not everyone is built exactly the same, point in fact is contortionists.

If these prerequisites are met, you should have no problem achieving up to 120°+ of head movement. (center of vision) Throw in eyeball rotation and peripheral vision and most humans should be able to "look" beyond 180° in fact.

As far as the game is concerned, any reasonable limitation is fine. The key is to have the option at all. For an example of how to do it right, watch some IL-2 videos on you-tube or something and keep in mind that that sim was developed by a Russian engineer who's such a stickler for detail we've been stuck with a blind butcher bird for over 6 years now just because his schematics say that's how it was! :)

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