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One pops up and gets attentions.

They get sued and go down in flames.

Another emerges.....

You can't stop file sharing. On one hand it's great to be able to legitamatley (I cannot spell :P ) share files but there are those who download programs that hurt the industry. Open source anyone? :D

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There is no way they can really be held accountable... They just sale 'sharing software'. The people who are doing that bad stuff are the ones sending it back and forth to each other. Kazaa is doing nothing illegal.

Too bad our law systems have forgotten common sense.

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Well, see this is interesting because one could just download and install Kazaa and get songs for free...or subscribe to a certain company that actually gives the artists their royalties, but yet they give you Kazaa as the downloading program to use.

So you get people that access the media content for free and you have those that are actually giving the artists their money, but could be held liable for using Kazaa...so what gives? There are always going to be free software apps like Napster and Kazaa available to the masses, but often those companies who are doing a legit business will get shafted too. <_<

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