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was able to watch a video of mission 1 of GRAW2 Xbox360. alot of run and gunning if you ask me.

but the video can be seen

the maps seem expansive to say the least, but the gameplay isn't for the tactical minded blokes.

too much German for me to translate but alot of "feur frei" or open fire commands, and alot of movie style command barking. bewegung= move! when he blows the first artillery piece up, his commander says he has one arty piece left to destroy blah blah blah and some los gehts. kinda gay.

then when he plants the last charge on the last arty piece, mitchell says, "this sector gehort uns" = " this sector belongs to us" then he calls for the guys to rally on him by saying "bei mir sammeln" = "rally on me"

then that soldier in the vehicle on extraction kisses mitchells butt by telling him great job on the mission and mitchell then says "soldier, shut your mouth."

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