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Firefox browsing with laptop - back and forward gesture DIY


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Just thought I'd get this down for posterity sake. I was fairly proud of myself for editing an .exe to fix what I think is a stupid problem with Firefox.

Oh, what problem is that? On laptops with a touchpad, the history "back" and "forward" gestures that are used for Internet Explorer browsing aren't present. (Anyone who uses a laptop extensively knows what I mean.) Laptop Firefox users are left with either using ALT-Left Arrow to go back in browsing history or install some extensions that require button pressing.

Instead of that, I decided to edit the touchpad .exe to fix this deficiency.

First thing, download a free hex editor.

Next, make a backup of Apoint.exe wherever it exists on your harddrive.

Next, use your favorite hex editor to open Apoint.exe and search for the words "Netscape". In the hex editor, rename the "Netscape" to "_Firefox" (the underscore is a space).

Save the .exe as Apoint1.exe (you can't "save as" and replace because Apoint.exe is currently being used).

Lastly, browse to where Apoint1.exe and Apoint.exe are located. Rename Apoint.exe to ApointOLD.exe and Apoint1.exe to Apoint.exe.

Perform this on each instance of Apoint.exe on your laptop.


You should now be able to browse within Firefox using the built-in "back" and "forward" functionality of your touchpad. Sweet!

WARNING: I am not responsible for any damage you do to your computer. It worked for me; doesn't mean it'll work for you.

Laptop specs:

Dell Latitude D520

Alps Touchpad, Driver version

Good luck.




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