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Mexican governor orders seizure of GRAW2


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The governor of the Mexican state of Chihuahua has ordered that copies of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 be confiscated, according to a report on Spanish-language site El Diario.

Set in Juárez, Mexico, and El Paso, Texas, GRAW2 follows an elite combat unit battling Mexican rebels in the year 2014. Earlier this month, the mayor of Juárez, a city in Chihuahua on the Mexican-American border, criticized the game sharply, saying it instilled poor values and portrayed his town's people as violent.

According to the report, Chihuahua Governor José Reyes Baeza Terrazas considers the game an insult not only to the city of Juárez, but to the entire country. Currently, authorities are gathering information on where the game is being sold, reproduced, and distributed in preparation for a seizure campaign, El Diario reported.

As of press time, an Ubisoft representative had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment.

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You know....for some reason, I can picture the commander of fort bliss making the game illegal to own by any soldier on that installation as well.

I agree.....we need to keep the Mexican community sweet otherwise who else is gonna cut my lawn..... :thumbsup:


sad to hear about this type of thing going on...its just a game....fun people, just for fun!!!

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Mexican themes in Ubisoft games seem to be on the up, I suppose all the money spent on visits must not be wasted on only one game. :D

I think Ubi should pick on Europe next time round, better maps for a start.

More trees and grass please.

I love Europe as a setting aswell, but what really gets me is Mexico does have a very diverse landscape with lots of potential for some really great out door maps, but Ubisoft never bothered to explore these ares in either Graw 1 or 2.

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