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any Single Player "Cheats" ?

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I think there is some God Mode tweak somewhere, but somebody else will have to help you with that.

Could you elaborate on what the problem is and which mission you are talking about? Maybe we can help you get through the mission :)


krise madsen

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there are god_mode threads at Ubiforum. there are a few ways on doing it. majority of them causes crashes with modded maps/effect/weapons.

it took me months to complete SP & its rewarding to complete it without cheat.

highly suggest completing it without then come back with god_mode

like I said, a lot of crashes that would frustrate you even more.

plus you'll miss out on the new maps that RpgHard produce every....half a day :rofl:

PM me if you absolutely cannot finish the campaign. :(

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Instructions for God mode, compiled from UBI's forums:

After several tries with no luck I un-installed and re-installed GRAW and then updated. Best to work with a clean slate. If you've gotten pretty far into the game already, backup your last Save file to your Desktop.

It'll be in Path:\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\Settings\profiles\graw_profile_yourprofilename\

The highest number is the last.

Anyway here is the easiest set of instructons taken from this same thread and edited:

First, Update to v1.35. You might as well, it's free.

1.Download the GRAW Bundle Extractor from http://www.ghostrecon.net/files/pafiledb.p...file&id=323

2.Unzip the downloaded bundle reader

3.Run the Bundle Reader

4.Click the Open Bundle button and select quick.bundle (found in PATH\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\Bundles)

5.Select the quick.bundle root node, on the left side of the Bundle Reader.

6.Click the Extract Node button, and select a TEMP folder for the files. (You will get two FOLDERS named: Quick.Bundle and Patch.Bundle)

7.Wait and don't do anything else with the computer.

8. If you have a patch, follow steps four through eight with the patch.bundle file.

9. Close the Bundle Reader program

10. Open the Quick.Bundle folder and copy everything inside to the ROOTof PATH:\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\ (overwrite all)

11. Do the same for the Patch.Bundle folder.

12. Rename quick.bundle (PATH\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\Bundles) to quick.bundle.bak

Do the same to patch.bundle if you've updated. (these can be deleted once you've verified the game works properly)

13. Open the Context.xml file (PATH\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter) with NotePad. Change the last line which reads -<compile xml="false"...- to <compile xml="true"... hit the Save button and close Context.xml.

14. Open the u_player.xml (PATH:\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\Data\units\beings) with NotePad. Pres Ctrl+F to open the Find menu.

Search down for 'God'. The first highlighted line should be -<var name="god_mode" value="false"- Change to <var name="god_mode" value="true" Save and close u_player.xml.

15. Open u_teammates.xml (PATH:\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\Data\units\beings) with NotePad. Press Ctrl+F and search down for God.

There are about seven differant lines to edit, each one similar to -<var name="god_mode" value="false">- On each line change "false" to "true".

When all of the lines have been edited, save and close u_teammates.xml.

16. Delete the u_player.xml BIN file and u_teammates.xml BIN file, both found in the same folder as the .xml files.

17. (OPTIONAL) Change your Crosshair Reticle Color for better visibility. Go to PATH:\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\Settings\profiles\your_profile_name\ and open Profile.xml with Notepad.

Go down the the 18th line that says: ret_color value="255 69 0" and change the values to whatever color you prefer. Save and Close Profile.xml and run the game.

Good Colors to use:

0 0 255 > Blue

65 105 225 > RoyalBlue

0 245 255 > Turquoise

0 255 0 > Green

124 252 0 > LawnGreen

50 205 50 > LimeGreen

255 255 0 > Yellow

255 69 0 > OrangeRed

255 0 0 > Red

255 48 48 > Firebrick1

255 0 255 > Magenta

You will know if god mode is on or not when the game loads by looking at the player health and silhouette in the lower left corner of the screen.

Instead of being green or red it will be white. You will also have unlimited ammo.

Instead of God Mode you could open Path:\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\Data\sb_templates\Global\sb_global.xml and edit the player health multiplier.

<var name="player_health_multiplier" type="number" default="10.0"/> raise that number for more damage points.

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it is quite a long process i did it myself years ago, sadly that's the way it is. anyway back to the peeps who need help. if you have a game mod in local>english and it has a units folder put the edited files there not in the data folder in the main directory. or if you want and if i can i'll post my god mode data folder on filefront and i'll give you the url.

ah ha! notepad cant get past the DRM properly use this



press cntrl and F to begin search look for make sure it's set to text string then search god, xv132 will take you to the first instance of god mode, set the value to true and then repeat this process until it says "no string found"

and there press the save button and you're all set to go and shoot some butt heads, dont worry if the cross com flashes orange when hit thats normal, just check and see if the health blip has turned white at the beginning,

remember you have to start a new game after god mode is activated it wont work with a save that didnt have god mode.

i hope i helped

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no worries about your language i've been studying german since college

tinker has already done it for you so his god mode folder should work

if it doesnt work in local>"language" folder then just place tinker's god mode beings folder into data>units and it should overwrite your old ones that you tried to edit.

i am currently uploading my data folder on filefront for you if tinker's units folder doesnt work

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Nice option, but are there also some hidden values (armor, impact, health.....) which could be tweaked? Dont get me wrong, GOD-mode ist absolutely great. But something also very interesting would be the option to set the users armor and healthpoints higher - so he can be wounded, but with less effect on his health. :rocky:

By the way: Nice to see, that GRAW is still on many harddrives and there are some addons in work also! :thumbsup:

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i agree totally i found after "ready for bear," teammates god mode atributes went wacko and they began getting killed again, so setting those values higher would no doubt help the cause a bit. and GRAW is a great game if you just want to have a bit of fun and not worry about the story. are you doing the addons? if you are i can't wait to see them

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In the file u_teammates.xml search for damage_points. Increase this to take more hits. Also look for skill_shooting. Put it down to 0.2 to make them super accurate. 2.0 would be really poor. Look for detect also, these should determine there stealth abilities.

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Great! Thanks a lot for prompt answer, Tinker! :) Another question: Is the heavy sniperrifle the only one, which is capable of downing the enemies helicopters by shooting directly in the cockpit? Sometimes, there is no launcher at the hands, so this works nicely. I didn't tried it with the machinegun yet, but if it depends on the impact value, they both have the same. On the other hand, this terrific caliber of the M82 must have more impact than a 7,62 cal. machinegun bullet, so it is armorpiercing. This might also be a changeable value? Thanks again, I should play more than writing! :P

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Again, thank you very much, for this fast reply. This file Units\weapons must still be hiding in the "quick.bundle"-file. (Oh dear, it was years ago, since I "de-bundled" files in the GRAW-dicrectory...). Before I downloaded your great and already prepared "english\units\beeings" file, there was absolutely no "english"-folder in my Local-directory. No problem, I find it out..., it is a long time ago, so I have to use the "try and error" method. :whistle: But nice to get instant help. Something poor, that there are no other campaigns for GRAW, wether in form of an official addon, nor in form of community-made stuff (because there is no editor/no tools for that purpose). Okay, I stop right here my "newbie" twitter (till next question.....).


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can someone please tell me how to bundle the unbundled files back to the game? i unbundled the quick bundle and the patch bundle files to a temp folder and changed all the god modes to true now i need to know how to get them back in the game files. i sure would appreciate it.


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If you have not figured it out yet, these are quick ways to play SP using cheats. You do not have to bundle anything, just move the modified files into the local folder.

Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\local\english\units\beings - u_teammates.xml

Maybe a reason you want to bundle it up instead?

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Just create the folders.

Assuming you have an English version of the game. In the main Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter directory, there should be a folder called local. If not make 1. Then inside that make a folder called English. Then inside that a folder called units. Then inside that a folder called beings. In that folder place the u_teammates.xml.

As long as you make the local and English folder. All you need to do from there when editing any files from the unbundled data folder, is just make the same folder structure. Basically the English folder is your data folder.

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