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:D My new "Custome made" Ghost Recon wallpaper on my K800i phone.


it took a bit of trail and error to get the positioning right so that the image is not obscured by the screen icons.

And exploring the file structure of the phone i have found simple flash animations for some of inbuilt wallpapers :o:hmm: my sig on the phone ? How sad am i lol :rofl:

Nice work [MC] Hammer.

My SE W950i smartphone has alot of my custom made wallpapers on it, along with alot of my custom audio work. It's funny when I'm in mid-conversation with some-one and receive a text message, all you hear is, "I see dead people". Although, the one I made for it recently says "Die MF!" (where MF is an abbreviation of a swear word) whenever some-one sends me a text message. I also recorded some-ones car alarm going off and put that as my ringtone :whistle:

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