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The Murder Game


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Anyone watch The Murder Game? It's about the only programme I watch every week - it's hilarious.

For the third week poor old Andrew had to go play the killer game - and it was like a scene straight out of Silent Hill hospital. LMAO, did you see him when that body bag moved - he totally freaked, I thought he was about ready for his own body bag at that point!

Great stuff.

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I've been meaning to watch it, but apparently it's just another crappy reality TV show.

I don't think it is, it shares some of the reality traits, but it breaks new ground, and above all - is entertaining. There is a puzzle to solve, a story to enjoy, a Blair Witch type ending every night that's hilarious plus the contenstant interaction that reality shows are all about.

The Big Brother and I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here shows pale by comparisson, they just stick a few people in a cage, mix and simmer, and watch the reaction - the Murder Game actually has a point.

Infact they need to rename the new series of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here to I'm a Has-Been Get Me Back on Telly.

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