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One week and counting


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My new computer arrives in under a week.... :), but now I have "The power" (i.e. 14,000 in a 3d benchmark according to the reviews) I need a coupla questions answered. Is Raven Shield worth it if I am only going to play single player? (If I get there quick I get a free balaclava! No, really, it has raven shield written where the mouth is.)

And the same with Battlefield 1942 (apart from the Balaclava bit).

I think I've got enough war games for now, so what else should I get (and not The Sims, or Sim City or any of those games that take ages and ages I get bored.) Flight sim maybe? F1 game? c'mon guys you can't always play FPS?

Thanks in advance. I feel a crazy spending spree coming on. :D

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I think buying RvS for single player would be okay. Seeing as how new maps are coming out faster and faster by the week. As for Battlefield, I wouldnt get it for SP only, but thats just me. Other games to consider:

FS2004: A Century of Flight (I have FS2002 Pro., very fun!)

Hm, I can only think of this one for the moment, others will help though.

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I have been thinking about a few new games as well, Rvs and SC are on the top of my list.

I have been checking out the forums at UBI and at Aggression and apparently alot of people are having issues with RvS and the whole CD key and other issues, but a patch has been released.

Splinter Cell seems like a good game but i'm not too sure about the replayability, i have looked at the forums on the splinter cell site and i have seen no major probs with the game.

I think i might just get both games before the summer is over, but i'm undecided on which to get first. (I got a coupon for $10 off RvS (or any game from the store where i got my vid card, but they don't have SC :huh: )

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