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Australian football


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Gotta love the Aussie soundtrack too....

If you think American football is all "beefed up pansies in pads", Nutlink, you should count yourself lucky it's not European football (ie "soccer"). They really are wimps... Lol

This video is just a little bit biased (lol), but it does a good job of showing the worst bit of the football/soccer jessies (from the World Cup final last year between France and Italy) and some good bits of the last rugby World Cup final (between Australia and England in 2003): Football v rugby

And this one is just rugby, but has some good attacking play and quick hands in the back-line, and also some big hits defensively too... (It's a bit grainy though): Rugby is awesome

EDIT: Shouldn't this really be in the "sports" forum...?

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Aussie Football is a Victorian/ South Australia/ WA Sport

The real sports in Aus (NSW, QLD, ACT and NT) are Rugby Union and Rugby League....makes the AFL boys look like the pansies.

This is Rugby League..hardly pansie material


And when it really gets rough...State or Origin



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