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can u skip missions?

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hey, Im on the second to last mission in GRAW, and its at the end, but I dont want to do it anymore because my weapons suck...I've been using for a while but I really am tired of it and I dont want to have to redo the whole mission...anyway to alter file to skip that mission and play last one?

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holy crap dude....THANK YOU SO MUCH....you're amazing.

Glad to know this board is populated by great people. I havn't been on here much lately because of GRAW 2 delay, but ill be back once the game comes out. thanks a lot man, here's the link.


basically I have to enter the castle premise find ontiveros and extraction, so its the last part of the second to last mission. I keep getting creamed by the tanks, not to mention the very crappy weapons selection by me, I play as much for the action as hearing my gun make manly noises....and my current weapon sounds all but like a kitten.

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AWESOME MAN....so coool, thanks a lot

PS, do you play multiplayer? if so whats ur sn, what servers usually? i only find extreme eagles or beer drinking assasins to play......sucks cuz i dont like the ppl on it sometimes...ayway, let me know if u want to do co op sometime!!

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