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Solid State HD's coming!

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Droolage ...


With reads of 28MB per second and write speeds of 20 MB per second ... Solid state drives enjoy several advantages over traditional hard disk drives, such as faster start up, faster read times, lower seek times, less power consumption, silent operation and lower weight. Solid state drives should also be more reliable as there are no moving parts involved in the device’s operation.

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Did you check the price of these things?

SanDisk's 2.5-inch 32 GB SSD is available now to computer makers, with an initial price of $350 per unit for volume orders. No word on when they'll be directly available to consumers or what their price might be—but we expect the answers are "soon" and "higher."

$350 for only 32Gb? Oh boy.

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UHm, probably in 32GB you will have even problems to install Vista but if those HD reach 60 GB with a competitive price (say 300 USD) it would be a great option to have it as main system disk and then a traditional disk for your storage

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With reads of 28MB per second and write speeds of 20 MB per second
Those speeds are about HALF the speed of a good IDE hard drive and a little less than half for a good SATA drive. What exactly makes these drives different from overpriced USB thumb drives? And why in the name of all that's holy would they choose to use a USB interface?

I actually read an article on a company that's producing SATA solid-state drives but the speeds even with those drives were not up to typical HDD speeds.

It seems it's not quite time to celebrate yet. But yeah, I would think that mechanical hdds will someday be dinosaurs and we'll all be using "instant-on" PCs.

Here's a white paper on how SSDs stack up to HDDs. Not enough there yet to make me bite.

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