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First off, the Weapon Details for GRAW2 located here:


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First off, the Weapon Details for GRAW2 located here:


The page contains full details on the weapons (updated as data gathered)

------Distinguishing Weapon characteristics

------BAD weapon features

------SUPERIOR weapon features

------Side by side comparison

------Reload times

------# rounds per mag and total rounds

------Rate of Fire

------Stopping Power

------Accuracy (updated as data completed)

...as well as a complete listing of all 19 maps and 29+ game modes. Keep in mind this is the most customizable game on the market...so those 29 game modes can be further customized....making your play options almost infinite.

There is a section dedicated to helping new GRAW players. Steer new players to the site so they can get caught up to the people that are long time GRAW gamers:


Additional information is in the resources section....like the "Improving Your Game" guide...excellent for new and returning fans.



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nice compilation (ther could be some weapons pics there) :)

There are so many weapons in GRAW I have found adding pictures makes the files HUGE. Much too big to be workable unfortunately.

Here is an update though:

Been busy with life, playing GRAW2, and doing some of the testing of the weapons.

I have two updates on the site:

The weapon list has been updated with what I have so far. The AG A3 deserves a look.

...but perhaps more importantly, I have completed a critical analysis of the class system in GRAW.

It includes

--General Description of the classes

--Critical analysis of the effect of selecting a class, then switching to another weapon class.



Ick - Go to www.ick.bz

for weapon statistics on Ghost Recon games

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Ick - do the Rifleman and Autogunner Stance bonuses carry over to other class weapons? Your chart indicates that this is the case for the Marksman class but not the case for Rfleman or Autogunner ...


From the "Class Encyclopedia"

"Automatic Riflemen have increased accuracy with ALL weapons while firing fully automatic as well as increased accuracy in th ecrouhced or prone positions. Automatice Riflemen are less effective with Marksmen Class weapons."

"Riflemen have increased accuracy with ALL weapons when firing from an upright position allowing them to fire more effectively while on the move."

So both Riflemen and Auto Riflemen get bonuses for all weapons based on Stance ( in the case of Autogunners the weapon has to be on full auto).

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