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(the one thing I hate about GRAW, all happens in Mexican city, that is the only venue).

I actually like that, not neccessarily the Mexico setting, but the fact the campaign is more like one, long, grueling mission instead of a whole campaign.

I mentioned in my review about wanting more freedom so I wont say it again because I'm too lazy to type it out again right now lol. I also want the 'less advanced warfighter'. Smarter AI and more customization with your weapons and team is a must as well. And for the love of Christ, NO MORE SOLO MISSIONS! They suck, this isn't Halo, it's Ghost Recon.

The next one I think should be set in South America or the Middle East with a mission not unlike what we're dealing with in Iraq right now. A deadly insurgency that requires unconventional warfare, ya know, the bread and butter of Special Forces that we've seen so little of in recent games. How about instead of chasing down nukes that some dude stole after running over your dog and littering and is planning to use to blow up all the McDonald's restaurants in the US we just have a mission in some far off hole of a country where you have to go snatch a rebel leader at 3 o clock in the afternoon or a mounted patrol through a city or an ACTUAL recon mission (not the faux 'recon' missions GRAW 2 where in all actuality it's just you solo running around killing everything in sight) ala LRRP operations in 'nam?

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I would like a GR setting for GRAW 3, combination of woodland and urban. I like the solo missions, I found them fun because you could move around and attack from different directions, take your time.

The only thing I didn't like in GRAW was the scrambled, fuzzy crap, no more of that.

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