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cover system

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come on people let's talk about this. i know other ghost titles never had a cover system but games need to change and be competitive. there are so many places to take cover in this game it's a shame they didn't put it in the multiplayer. it would make this game almost perfect aside from the clan matches which is another topic.

iv'e read other topics on it and all i hear is people that claim they have been playing the series from the beginning and don't want the cover system. well i'm one of those guys. iv'e been playing from the begining of xbox live and i want the cover system. i want to post up on a wall and have a nice lil fire fight. first on to get a solid hit wins, what's wrong with that? and i'm not talking about a field with rocks and shrubs lol. i'm talking about the maps with buildings and there's a lot.

don't no how to do a poll on here bit it would be nice to see one on this topic. i loved the cover system in rainbow and see no reason why it couldn't be in this game just use the single player cover system of this game it would work fine. i host every night and always hear people asking were is the cover system, and how nice it would be to have one. it's to bad a few people don't care for it and the dev's listened to them and not the majority. hope to see some good posts on this and i hope a dev will respond.

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there is a clan match system in graw 2...

to be honest i would have no real quarrel with a cover system....the problem is people want the same cover used by rainbow six vegas which is arcadey and unrealistic.....

secondly third person peeking combined with cover system peeking/ambushing would totally throw the balance and pace of the game off......

regardless a cover system is fine but not as it is seen in current games....returning the series to First person and building from there would be an easy start....but that is something that isnt likely to happen since Ubi is intent on keeping a presentation difference between ghost and rainbow.

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I would hate to see some cheesy cover system that allows you to suction your butt cheeks to a wall and then perform rather acrobartic moves around and over cover - especially on your off shoulder. It adds nothing to the game where you already have the ability to switch shoulders lean and go prone.

We already have 3rd person which allows some degree of peeking but the peeking in RB6 is ludicrous IMO.

While GRAW2 isn't perfect it is much closer to the "If you can see you can be seen and if you can be seen you can be shot" rule.

If cover is put into the game it should force a first person view in the direction your charchter is facing ...

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Not sure how effective it would be but howabout a 1st person cover view. The general complaint is that with vegas is that you can see around corners without sticking you head out,

That said, as is in GRAW you can see around corners 3rd person view anyway.

I suppose what I'm getting at, if the developers could come up with a system that was "fair" and rather than your advantage of being able to see around corners, your advantage would be sound and perhaps shadows.. I havn't really thought this through but you get the idea.

(its 3 in the morning and im shattered after work, forgive me if im not typing sense)

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I would personally hate cover mode. Its arcadey in its present form and it only suits people who like tight defenses. I think recently we have seen a growing willingness for people give OTS a break and go back to FPV and try it out. Which greatly improves the game. Dont get me wrong the game plays well in OTS but with FPV it goes back to its roots and plays superbly.

We are now seeing GRAW2 FPV only ladders creeping up on sites like digital combat and paniczoom. Which is great because for a realistic tactical shooter FPV is the most realistic way to play it. Seriously try crash site in FPV. Brings back memories of [GR].

So in short i think cover mode would make the game feel cheap and lower the skill and tactical level and i bet there are a few thousand people on GRAW2 who agree with me.

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I'd vote for a cover system where when you go into cover if your back is to the object your view is then facing the direction you're looking. As is with rainbow i put my back to a wall but can magically still see in the direction my back is to without having to lean around and look that way.

Basically make it like reality. If i back up to something make me peak around the object to see whats up that way.

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