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First off, I'm kind of suprised that there is not more activity in these ArmA forums, I remember a whole lot more going on back in teh OFP days...

That said.. :)

Do any of you know if there is a good ARMA mission scripting tutorial out there floating around?

I'e still got the old OFP ones, if those are still valid.

the Wiki page that BIS has set up has the outlines for a good resource, but nothing in it yet.

I keep firing up arma and going into the editor, but then quickly rush out to play another mission instead of getting my head into it.

Anyone know of good resources?


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while alot of OFP scripts work in ARMA, alot dont. try it, if it fails then grab the comref and find a solution. sorry if it sounds blunt, but thats how it is with such a new title. OFPEC is a good source for OFP scripts and commands


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