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lets hear your best pickup lines


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You are like a Parking ticket you got fine written all over you!

Those must be Astronaut pants cause your but is outta this world!

Those were from T.V. though :(

LMAO! Saw those on TV tonight!

Here's mine: -----------------------------

I'm still single, what does that tell you? :wall:

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(using ricardo montelbon's accent...)

your edited for content is worth millions ... tonight, i will be a millionaire!! :rocky:

(my personal fav.... also with ricardo's accent....)

i take you to my house in morocco. we make many children. <_<

Moderation mode: Do not try to circumvent the swear filters. If you use a word and it gets edited out like this "######" then don't come up with a creative little way to use the word anyway. -- Jester

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I have removed my contribution here. Can't live with that black mark on my record. In order to bypass moderator filters on swear words, I typed the first letter of the word followed by dots. I will henceforth be washing my mouth out with soap. As WK posted in the Discussion thread, cursing in any form will not be tolerated as minors do attend these forums. Sorry for the upset, guys.

Edited by budgie
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I lost my phone number... can I have yours?

This bar aint big enough for the both of us... luckily my couch is.

Did it hurt?

Did what hurt?

When you fell outta heaven!

Excuse me, but I think I dropped something!!! MY JAW!!

I have only three months to live...

--->Not a line :devil: ---Oh... looky what I found

Discalimer: The aboce website may contain content unsuitable for children under the age of 30. Viewer discretion is advised.

In all seriousness though. There may be some 'naughty' things on there.

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