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Help an old 1.0 player!

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Aight well I used to play years ago and I decided to fire up GR on my new computer and the online memories just flashback... and I'm only at the opening screen!! So I see this forums actually has a bit of life. Where do you guys play at? 1.4 I'm guessing right? I'm real interested in re-joining the community, so help would be appreciated tons.

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Welcome Back slip.k! Good to hear there is an old GR gamer back online.

These days I think playing without the official expansion packs 'Desert Siege' and 'Island Thunder' is nearly impossible. If you don't have them yet I think they will be in your local shop or on the internet for just a few bucks (not more than 5 bucks my guess says).

Still on ubi.com ther are between the 50 and 150 GR gamers. Also you can use ASE (All Seeying Eye) to locate your games.

For cooperative tactical gameplay you can visit some of the groups like:

www.alphasquad.net ; www.9mansquad.co.uk ; www.specialdetachment.org ; www.themedicstation.com ; www.teksquad.de ; Special Operations Group ; www.spookeye101.co.uk ; www.quebecmasters.com ; www.ghostteamalpha.com ; House of Recon and the group where I usually play my GR: www.phoenixsoldier.com

Above listed groups are just a small grasp of what is really out there. So just look around a bit and get your GR sorted (get those expansions + the 1.4 patch) and load up!

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