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Iraqi Information Minister is NOT Dead!


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LOL!.........aww man.....that made my sides hurt.....he he............ :lol::lol::lol:

That guy is a slice of pure comedy genuis............I swear peter sellers is turning in his grave .........I hope to god he is still alive.....he needs his own show ..........

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I found something interesting also, go here

Now you can make you bbi and GI JOE soldiers try to make him confess. :lol:

*off topic*

Heres something interesting from the net, go here wow I want one of those guns. :(

sorry i coulndt find the right topic to put the above link, and i didnt want to start a new on for something that is really nothing. :lol:

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The Detroit Redwings have hired him as their Public Relations Minister.

After losing to a "Mickey Mouse" team like the Ducks, where's Donald when you really need him, I would imagine that Cur.....Curttttt.... (I just can't say his name without laughing) will not be too hungry for Duck anytime soon.


Stout Hearts


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