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Anyone else torn as to which version to get? 360 or PC

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I dont buy games to play multiplayer. I intend to buy GRAW 2 for the PC and 360( I allready have it) I really like the game and would rate it 9/10, so far I think I like the gameplay of Rb6 Vegas on the 360 better. It will be interesting to see the differnce between the PC version and 360 version of the game. They should be diffrent as GRAW 2 for the 360 is not made by GRIN

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PC version:

Why? Why do you want to miss out on all those awesome mods that will be created by the PC community? Thats why!

(well we have to see if GRAW2 will be more moddable than GRAW, don't we :hmm: )

That's why I'll never be "torn" between the two. If GRAW 2 is moddable, or gods forbid isn't, then I'd stay with PC all the way. As if there was a doubt?

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Normally I would say PC all the way... I don't care for console games at least not when I have a choice. I've been a PC gamer since Kings Quest 1 first came out way back in the early 80’s. But after seeing the x360 version and all its visual features and it looks to be a fantastic game... I would go with that version. The total immersion into the game looks fantastic where as the PC version... well we haven't seen much more than a few stills. I look at the visuals in the x360 version, IE; The air strikes and all the explosions going off and the various little things (like the way the explosions rumble across the floor from the air strike alone) and not so little things (like the weather effects). So far the PC community has mostly speculation to run with and I sure hope we don’t get disappointed since I have no intention on buying a console but at the same time if it turns out to be something that could have been done in an expansion pack (IE; new maps and a pre planner) then I don't think I am interested in ether one... But I guess we won’t know until some PC info comes out which will most likely be on release day whenever that is.

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I played the XBOX version quite a bit last night. I counted 38 people in my friend list playing GRAW2 at one point. As the night progressed people signed on and off like crazy.

I am fortunate to be networked into a great group of gamers. We had 5 rooms running with siege and other gametypes. Each of them had people wanting to get in.

That is 80+ people that I know personally looking for a tactical game.

I cannot recall the last time a game had this many happy fans......well, perhaps Ghost Recon Island Thunder.

The shadows and inert object movement is great. It makes it REALLY hard to see enemies...which is perfect.

The incapacitation hits really added something to the game play. A few times it worked out for the team to revive the member when the area was secure...but much of the time a soldier waiting on the ground for assistance was like a piece of cheese...leading another team member to their death.

The XBOX version of the game is great...and with a bank of friends, it is clear we are going to be playing this well through next Christmas.

We played a long time and didn't get through all the map options. When was the last time you could say that about a game?

I mean check out the map list and game modes.


No matter which version you purchase....a great game.

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Save your money and don't buy either... that is until people that bought the PC version of the game say it is a good one.

Otherwise, you're just feeding the Ubimonster.

If everybody would listen to your advise "Save your money and don't buy either... " how could you ever find if it is good after all? Because if everybody listens to your first advise there won't be people who "bought the PC version of the game say it is a good one".

:P Just teasing a bit!

Thank god we still have people like Larsa!

I´ll buy the PC version, and find out my own opinion about it.

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I don't know how many of you guys look at the console forums so I am going to repost from a tread I posted on in there. THanks so much for the opinions and reasoning guys. I'll probably end up getting both, but I couldnt be happer with my 360 version. Anyways... here you go. :)

Ok... I've yet to play any multiplayer, and I have only gone through a handful of missions on singleplayer mode. SInce thats all I can really comment on, i'll go there.

I have to say that right now, this is far and away the best console RSE game released, and easily the best GR title since GR1PC. It seems like they are easing people back into stealh aspects of the game, because this time around they added more. It "feels" much more stealth like than the first GRAW. Much better weapon selection menu and team selection menus. Still not up to the complexity of the original GR1PC, but definatley a step in the right direction, and much more than I was expecting.

The Crosscom 2.0 is fabulous. A vast improvment over the original to say the least. Being able to control your team while seeing through their eyes is great. On one map imparticular there were 4 hostiles surounding an artilary unit. There were 3 possible insertion points into the sector so I sent my team around far left, and I went around to the right. I accidently took a gun without a scope, which I thought would be an issue, but in fact it wasent. I started firing at the hostiles for a few seconds and then ducked behind cover.

Once everyone was focused on me, I "looked through my teams eyes" and moved them in a bit further. Gave one command to snipe the hostile on the high ground, and then gave a "weapons free" command for the three remaining hostiles on the ground. The team ended up getting two of those, and I got one as well. This was amazingly rewarding, much more so than anything I did in the first GRAW360, and quite honestly I don't know if I would have even thoght to try it if I had brought a scoped gun, so my mistake turned out to be a good thing.

I don't know how deep the game gets yet I supose, but if this is any indication I think I am really going to enjoy the campaign mode, which quite honestly is something I was expecting to be sort of bland. Even though I liked the campaign mode on the first GRAW, I just wasent in a hurry to do the same thing all over again in a different setting.

At this point. The increased emphasis on stealth and the new crosscom are really making me enjoy the game more than I thought I would. Every RSE title I have bought since the first R6 way way back on PC I have for the most part gotten for the multiplayer. I was a little suprised I enjoyed the first GRAW campaign so much, and I am flat out shocked that I am enjoying this one so much. I am a very hard sell when it comes to these games, as many of us here are, and as of yet this game has not dissapointed.

Since it seems as though they are easing console fans into a more detailed game, my hope for the next one is that instead of just being able to control and look through your teams eyes as a group, issuing orders accordingly. I would really like for them to include the ability to control your team members on their own. This would create the ability for even more insertion points, and quite honestly IMO would bridge the gap between the original PC game, and the series as it currently stands.

So far I have read 2 seprate reviews of this game and I have to say I really think so far they reviewrs are doing a bad job at explaining the difference between this title and the first one. They seem to completley trivialize the new crosscom, and I have yet to see anyone say anything about how it is much more focused on stealth.

In playing this game tonight, I have come to realize that what I have wanted out of RSE titles was never total 100% realisim, just close to it and a strong emphasis on stealth. I have yet to actually use the medic character on my team, but a major difference between this and the first one was that when I did heal one of my guys on a mission this time around, I actually for a moment thought back to scenes out of war movies with one soldier running up to another one and patching him up so he could continue. In the first GRAW it always felt like a very generic "heal" to me, this time around it just seems to "fit" for some reason I can't actually put my finger on.

Anyways... Those are my thoughts so far. Money well spent if you ask me!

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