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Got my pc back


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Hi all

I've recently got my pc back from repairation so the pc was freshrestored. Now i would like to know how you have putted your files on your harddrive(s) and what way is the best one to put it. Sorry for the bad explanation but here's how i had mine before it got sended in.

[C:\] Windows, InstalledPrograms, InstalledGames

[D:\] Downloads (Files newly downloaded some of them beeing removed and some of them beeing moved to archives ), Archives (Files rarely used but saved anyway like gamepatches, demos and mods)

Both C and D are 250 gb each.Do you have diffrent drives/partions for games and programs or something else please tell me :)

What is optimal?

Thanks and sorry for the bad english.

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To be organised, I have my partitions created like this..

HD 1

Partition1 : Operating System and Progams

Partition2 : Games

HD 2

Partition1 : Media (movies and photographs)

Partition2 : Websites (all my websites stored locally)


Partition1 : Backups

Partition2 : Projects (video rendering etc, i.e. large file operations)

That's not exactly how I have it organised, but you get the idea, everything that relies on the operating system on one HD, and data that does not need the operating system/registry on other HDs.

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Yeah, its a really good idea to have the OS seperated from other things though.

I have it setup like.

HD 1

P1 OS & System Files

P2 Programs & Utilities

HD 2

P1 Video Games 1

P2 Video Games 2

HD 3

Video Games 3


Of course it can change if you dont have a huge ammount of games to install. But as I said, isolating the OS helps alot.

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I generally tend to want to keep everything separate from my OS install, even on separate discs! So this is my current setup.


Partition 1: OS and various programs

Partition 2: Swap and pagefiles

HD2 120Gb SATA

Partition 1: Games

Partition 2: Mod work

HD3 80Gb External 3.5" disc

Backup1, mod work and a clean ghost image of my C: drive with OS and programs installed

HD4 60Gb External 2.5" disc

Share disc, something I'll bring along whenever I have to share files with someone.

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How about all hard drives Raid 5 (you have enough to do it if your mainboard supports it) It will be faster + give you redunancy in case a drive fails. only con is you get the total drive space of all drives minus 1 drive.

It will be faster and redundant. Partitions are up to you as most of the time you have to reinstall your apps to restore anyway (+ you can do repair installs with xp or vista)

Also take note that it becomes a pain to remember to install games for example to D and sometimes patches and such get finiky if they aren't on C.

Same with other apps.

btw... in his original post i only see 2 drives... (beginning of this thread) but most of you spe'd 3. Did i miss something?

in that case there is an option to mirror but it's slower. (I'm all about redundancy in case a drive fails)

I do not however EVER recommend raid 0 striping. There is no redundancy. Lose one of the 2 drives and everything is lost.

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All drives will have a partition of some sort whether it be one or two or even more (if you have a large enough drive). If you wish to choose just one partition for each drive, no sweat, just format the extra drives from within Windows. See my Assigning Drive Letters thread pinned in this forum.

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