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New soundbank and wavebank


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7. Ok, we're almost there but not quite yet: As we are adding a new soundbank and wavebank as opposed to just modding existing ones, we need to let the game know what we have added. This is done in the sound_settings.xml file in the data/sound/ folder. In the "wavebanks" tag, duplicate any element and edit it to match the custom *_wave.xml file you want to add, and do the same for your *_sound.xml in the "soundbanks" tag. For me, I would have to add this line of code in the "wavebanks" tag:

CODE<wavebank path="data\sound\music\custom_music01\custom_music01_wave.xml"/>

...as well as add this line of code in the "soundbanks" tag:

CODE<soundbank path="data\sound\music\custom_music01\custom_music01_sound.xml"/>

Its wierd i dont know where to add this last 2 lines of code in my new sountrack fore my [GR] coop map. Anyone who could give me a hand here?


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I belive i found the file to edit in my installation Ghost Recon Advanced warfighter/data/sound/settings.xml

I added the 2 CODE lines in the appropiate places, and i added a sound in the editor and gave it the right cue but when i launch the map i hear no sound???

Do i need to trigger the sound or what am i forgetting?

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