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Where do I get patch.bundle?


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I am likely a dumb, but where do I find patch.bundle file (to make myself god for hard parts)?

I have googled for a while but not sure I can get it from somewhere or do I compile it myself?

This game is driving me crazy, I am stuck on the same place since August 2006 and tried several hunderds attempts and died ...



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After patching go to the bundles folder, it's in there :)

Like vpatch 1.35 or any other GRAW patch you mean?

So if I want to mod original version (without ANY patch) I may be able to edit XML without pathc.bundle exctraction?

Another question: does XML compile into BIN itself starting the game or do I need to recompile manually?



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The patch bundle is supreme,meaning that the game reads the patch.bundle first then the original quick.bundle so if you wana change something you need to search in the patch bundle first or it aint gonna read your changes.

Not everything is patched ofcourse so if its not in the patch you find it in the quick.bundle

if you create a folder called C:\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\local\english\ (+ sound\music if you wanna change the music ect) you could put an edited file into the folder and it will be the "supreme" file overriding the patch and quick bundle

So you dont need to edit the bundle itself you just addon.

I hope someone can correct me if im wrong :)

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