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Enemies throw Grenades


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is this possible when an enemie reaches a zone (or when a timer expires....), he throws a grenade to an other zone?

e.g. : there is an area on the map, where the player always camps.

>>>>>>when the player reaches the zone, an enemie throws a grenade to him

.... Trigger Event : A member of PlayersPlatoon is within 3 metres of "Zone"

Response : ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

hope anyone can help me :stupid::wall:

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Dunno if you sorted this one but when I first started I had a similar problem in getting the enemy to use the AT4 which obviously is a Secondary kit over using their Primaries!!

Regardless of if I "locked or Set" the Actor in question to use the Secondary it still never made him use the AT4 for the desired effect I wanted lol!

What I did was create a new kit file where the Primary weapon was the AT4 and assigned that kit to the actor to use and problem solved lol! You could do the same and just assign the Actor to use your new kit file where a Grenade or GL is his primary weapon and he will use that by default until he has used them all and then switch to the Secondary which you can assign any Rifle or whatever to it. That should also have the desired effect if you are still having difficulties :)!

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