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Old School Clan recruiting for GRAW2

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Old School Clan

Open Recruitment.

Old School, osogo.com is looking for a few good members. Our founding members started gaming as a group back during NFL 2K series on Dreamcast, and we have been as a unit called Old School since the [Ghost Recon], on the Xbox1, when Xbox LIVE launched.

We are looking to increase our membership. We are primarily a group of older guys, with only a couple of members under age 21. The average member of OS (Old School) is probably in their 30's, married/significant other, full time job etc. We play through the week, but most of us find time on the weekends. We are primarily a Ghost Recon team, but we have fielded teams for Halo 2, and other titles, as well as we are always running an in clan Sports league.

It is not an easy thing to become a member in Old School. In the past year, we have recruited under 5 members, where as in some clans, they can get 5 members to join in a month. Pros to that are always high numbers, always a big group to play with, but the cons are is you usually have a revolving door. If you have or are considering a clan, ask them how long they have been around. Few will tell you more than a year. OS has been around for over 4 years.

Our membership works like this. Once you add some of our OS members to our friends list, and you have played a number of hours with us... anywhere from 10 – 20 hours, you can apply to become an associate member. An associate member can enter into any sanctioned match against another clan, and you are effectively on our roster. Being on our roster and being an associate member is not the same as a full member. After playing with us a few months (usually under 6 months, you get bumped up to probate membership, and you are then more scrutenized into becoming a full member. Once you become a full member you gain access to all of our forum area, and can put the OS in front of your gamertag.

If you are of the mature mindset, would like to play with a group, that has and will be around for the long haul, are interested in GRAW 2, and Halo 3, and 360 Sports titles, send a friends request to myself or a couple of our senior members, and join in on some of our rooms. GRAW 2 will be here before you know it, and you can get to know us, an fill out our lobby and we can get to know you. Our membership procedures take the longest of any clan I know, so don't be surprised by it, just letting you know up front, but it will be worth it in the long run, if you like us, and we like you.

My gamertag is OS Perry

Also add OS Absolam, OS Wayne Pain and OS Tampa to your friends list if interested.

Register our forums and check us out at osogo.com We also play other 360 titles but not as a competitive group. Games like Battlefield Midway, Rainbow 6 Vegas, PGR3, COD2 and we will be playing Forza 2, just not on any competitive ladders.

Currently we play on the Digital Combat ladder system. www.dccombat.com

Like I had mentioned before we have always been a GR team, GR, GRIT, GR2, GR2SS, and GRAW, so GRAW2 should be a huge title for us, as well as Halo 3. If this sounds interesting to you, check us out.


OS Perry

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Its that time of year again... and we are gearing up for the Fall. Old School is recruiting again...

See above 1st post for info.

With all the games... Halo3, COD4 etc. we are looking for some fresh faces.

We will continue to have a GRAW team as well as a Halo3 team and we are always playing different sports leagues.

We always have some kind of OS event going on, whether it is competing on digitalcombat in GRAW, internal leagues, with Madden, MLB, NBA, Poker etc. Come check us out.


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