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Funny Cat Pictures


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What This Thread Is

I accidentally high-jacked another thread... oops. It kinda ran away with itself and... well, now this one has been started.

I'm making this an open thread for any submissions. I've condensed my already posted 90 pictures into two albums...

REMOVED - Dead Links

Anyone is free to post, just please follow the rules:

[3.8] Vulgarity Swearing is not permitted, it only degrades the forum and dilutes the debate. Posts of a sexual nature or of inappropriate images are included in this rule.

[3.9] Signature Images Please keep these images to a reasonable size, less than 480x111 pixels and preferably below 100Kb in size, and 4 lines in length for text sigs. This is for the benefit of users on a slow connection and to reduce scrolling.

[3.14] Large Images Please do not include large images directly in a post as it blows out the forum formatting and causes delays for dial-up users. Any large image (greater than 500 pixels wide) should be posted as a URL instead of as an Image, or resized down to 500 pixels. You can use the attach file button to attach large images.

I remind you of these rules, because... well, even having been here for many years, I forgot about our image restrictions. So, just wanted to give everyone a refresher. ;)

Image Hosting

There are lots of places to do it! The best places, that allows you to control size and post thumbnails are:



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Is this a funny panda pic thread or a funny cat pic thread? :unsure:

Well, pandas are furry and really cute. So are cats. Both sets of pics consist of a cute furry animal with a humourous caption, ergo I decided against starting a new thread as the panda pictures would most likely appeal to a similar audience (unless you are a panda-phobe, in which case you deserve everything you get).

Pandas rock. Don't mess with panda.

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Well, maybe it doesn't belong here but I have to post this. Blargh we already had Pandas so I'll post it here:

Knut the Polar Bear




"YUMMY! Me likes brush!"


"It's all mine! Har Har Har!!!!"


"who are you? wanna play wit' me?"


"I've got it!!!!!!"

pure cuteness :)



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