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ordered mine thru the sprocket online system.

Came down quickly, only a couple of downloading hiccups, but installed and runs like a champ.

This game is going to catch fire much like GR1 did.

edit: my d/ld speed hovered right around 370K/sec. The hiccups were a section of "bad mdsum chucnks that appeared to come from about 80% complete till the end, but the downloader managed to get all the right parts...

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I got mine from Sprocket late Friday. I think it ended up taking something like 8 hours for the HTTP download -- slowed to about 100 KB/s after I had about 80%. I went to bed and found it ready to go Saturday morning. Install worked fine, backed the installed up to a DVD. Unfortunately I only managed to get enough time to start straightening out my controls and play the training missions on Sunday -- happily they all ran and played quite well. It looked to me like there have been a number of performance improvements since the demo.

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Can anyone post a quickie review of the SP campaign? Releases are slow here in the UAE.

Comments needed on:

The 'non-linear' campaign - does it work?

The enemy AI - sensible behaviour or uber killer bots?

Friendlies - Useful squad members or tank-bait?

Graphics - as dated as they look?

Weapons - fair and balanced?

Overall look and feel - worth the wait/money/my time?

Best done from a [GR] gamers' perspective....is it worth it for people weaned on Rogue Spear and [GR]?

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Though I'm an OFP fan, I'll try to comment unbiased.

Non-linearity: There are main missions, and there are auxiliary operations. The main missions make up the storyline, the auxiliary missions are just that - optional missions. Completing those will make your job easier in the main missions. So it's basically linear, with some non-l elements.

AI: well, it's mixed. The AI are generally killbots once they notice you, but you can be better than them with a little practice. Most of the time their behaviour is believable, though their aim is often uber leet - but I think it's more manageable than in [GR], because the game is slower paced. All in all, it's hard - at least I find it hard. Good thing you can save any time now.

Friendlies: Tank bait by themselves, but proper squad management can make an executioner brigade out of them :) So you have to take care of them to be effective. They definitely require more management than your squad in [GR].

Graphics: Dated?? Well, I play with textures on high, everything else on low, and looks awesome. I don't see your problem, the graphics imo are perfect for the game.

Weapons balance: you mean in SP? well, none of the sides have a serious advantage over the other, though the west has more advanced tech.

Overall: Well, I can't be unbiased here, I just love this game :) - it's worth its money, and of course all the time you spend with it... :) If you haven't played OFP before, I can only suggest to try it. It's very different from [GR].

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One more thing to add to that:

with the latest version 1.5, the new iron sight model is much better. Makes it possible to be effective at close range while moving and walking with the sights up is no longer disorienting.

It's as linear as GR ever was, probably more.

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