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GRAW PC2 Single Play

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This is just a wild guess this option was left out because the USAI in graw are far more Inteligent and well supposed to do what you say with orders, i guess this has been tweaked a lot iin graw2.

So switching is not needed.

In gr1 you had to switch justt to keep them alive.

I believe when you die you die period.

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Want an example of a silly feature already present in :AW? Ghost AI sitting next to you on the infil after he was killed in the last mission.

Now that's silly.

:rofl: Silly indeed. That's really great immersion when you know your squad mates can get blown to bits in a mission and be good as new the very next mission. :wacko: GR didn't use zombies. KIA meant KIA!
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I am repeating myself here, but I like soul switching. I know that AI is vastly improved in GRAW and GRAW 2 and the mission can be finished without SW.

But i want to be in the middle of action, that's why I miss SW and alfa bravo and charly teams. The ability to have 3 separate teams gives more tactical options. IMHO.

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