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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Blood Oil


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Gas Plant Night

By: Bigbluesoul






Have played this map today for the first time, it is awesome. Played several times tonight coop, lot of changes all round too.


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So if they dont want there characters used just replace them with the 9MS ones

Shame to see a good mod gone bad at such a late stage, The changes had been posted enough in the forum over the last month, You would think someone would have spoken up before now if they were unexceptable

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Logged in to release this mod...


Sry but we have been asked to remove the hero characters


Nobody asked you to remove "hero characters".

Read/understand your PM's and contact the good person,nothing difficult.

Ok then , so what "OLD GR materail" are we talking about ?

All i did was to add a camo texture over your characters, leaving in the detail underneath, we did over paint the heads and maybe we should have consulted you first ? but the point of the specailist is to look different from the other characters, If you could help with this by providing some new camo textures and faces that would be great and much appreciated by us and the commuittey who are looking forward to this mod

Many Thanks

Oh and PS Tinker didnt have any thing to do with the specialist's i only sent him the 4 i done last night to go into the mod, Its lucky hes about as with out his dedication to BO the mod would have died along time ago and nobodys work would have seen the light of day :thumbsup:

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No need for Hero`s in Blood Oil. Like the sound of that anyhow! :shifty:

The characters available will kick some butt for you. They look good, shoot straight, and will do there job. :o=

Just throwing a note out to all here. I have tried to finish the maps and missions, and do the compiling, nothing more. Other`s have joined recently, that have helped with the overall completion of all other items. My own work would be worthless, and unusable without those people. Confusion and lack of info, will cause problems. Hope we have passed them. A lot of the original force are not available, and some things always get overlooked, or expected.

Only 3-4 months back we picked this back up. It was in poor shape too. Most of the helpers from there, have no ideas where all the original files were from, just here it is, what can we do.

This is to be released shortly, but if anyone finds anything that should not be in this mod, or feels they need some credits for something we simply do not know about, pls PM me. It will be done at request, 1 way or the other.


Patches...contain things...

Old topic

Thnx to Phlookian for setting this up.

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Yes a big thank you to Phlookian for getting it exported and not forgeting Tinker for getting it in game .

i just realised how long ago it was that i 1st painted the texture for this and posted them :o it suprising how many mods and modders have been and gone since then :unsure:

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I'm going to pipe in here and thank everyone who got involved in the development of this project. As a beta tester, the attention to detail and thought into the mission and play is outstanding.

Thank you Tinker, Hammer and your development team.

The A & O clan, as well as others of the testing team are chopping at the bit waiting for the public release.


aka Stormlord

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