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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Blood Oil


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1 of the extra missions included, witnessed a bunch of civilians being executed, in cold blood, in a Hotel. You then would of come threw the doors and eliminated all enemy...

Due to recent events, you now Insert with the civilians and have to protect them...


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Look to the far left and right, just above the oil barrels. The light halos on the lamp posts do not always work when looking at them through an alpha channel, i.e. the chain link fences. I moved just a touch and they appear and reappear at random.

Updated flickr

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As a result, your video has been blocked in these locations:

Czech Republic, France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom

What should I do?

No action is required on your part. Your video is still available everywhere not listed above.

If you live in the blocked locations


into http://translate.google.com/#


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This is gonna be a great mod! So many new maps and assets!

Nice teaser yet again wombat...love the lean shot...great catch!

@ Tinker..you've poured it into this thing Tinker, thanks for your efforts and to all who have made this work to date...

@Hammer..nice too know your at it again!

mig :ph34r:

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