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Hi H-Hour

Your map was a pleasure to work on. :D If to be released before Xmas, :cold:;) by any chance, send a PM pls. Otherwise, missions are missions, have heaps of them unfinished, plenty to do. No fuss to me, holding onto even more gr1 content. :shifty:

Blood oil is a nice little mod to come, is keeping me entertained, building now for sure.


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Still having good fun with Blood Oil    

Finally finished another old mod.Started this when it came out a few years back but quit playing because of the Waterfall day mission. That's one screwed up and buggy mission not to mention saves caus

Really enjoying Blood Oil so far. I'm on M5, but something's bothering me. My riflemen and demos for the current playthrough are almost all non-M4 actors, and something odd occurs when I equip any

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