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hi kyle_k_ski!

the wearers english is poor and i think it add a nice touch with some

pidgin english :)

i will also go over the MEND chrs and give them a more "dirty" look, but

on quite a few pics they actually has got rather white and clean shirts.

perhaps just out of the laundry :)

thx for the input m8 :thumbsup:

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Still having good fun with Blood Oil    

Finally finished another old mod.Started this when it came out a few years back but quit playing because of the Waterfall day mission. That's one screwed up and buggy mission not to mention saves caus

Really enjoying Blood Oil so far. I'm on M5, but something's bothering me. My riflemen and demos for the current playthrough are almost all non-M4 actors, and something odd occurs when I equip any

the wearers english is poor and i think it add a nice touch with some pidgin english [...] i will also go over the MEND chrs and give them a more "dirty" look

I love the poor English with that finger-paint kinda look, and the idea about slightly sweaty dirtier clothes is great! It'll make these guys look even more menacing! :ph34r:

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Space Invader is in the picture if you look, right behind the GR machine, has a darker front. But...looks like a skinning error, :huh: it has a pacman left side! Had not noticed that. glad you mentioned it.



I don't beleive it............

You beat me to it


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The quality of the models is just topnotch. It's hard to believe that it's GR that I'm looking at!

The Joker mask? Priceless!

Ohhh, and seeing those old arcade games, man, does that bring back memories. When I was a wee lad, there were three arcades, and each of them gave free tokens based on grades one got on his/her report cards: 4 for As, 3 for Bs (and depending on who you went to) 2 for Cs.

BattleZone, Qbert, Defender... And there was that cool sit-down Star Trek one, it had a little dial to turn the enterprise, and wireframe models. Can't remember it now. Anyway... Keep up the great work! And thanks for the sneak peeks!

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Has been a while with no updates. :( All on my side too. I`ll be quiet honest and say that no work has been done since January for several reasons on my side. But, there is too much work to be lost, and it will be picked up again soon I hope.

I can say that several of us did get to play test 7 out of 8 maps and missions, with no lag issues at all, and there is only a few tweaks to be done there. Apart from having to put them all in the lighting tool again a final time. But 1 map had an accident, and with no backup, means it could dissapear altogether at this stage. Fortunatley, after a long progress of learning, I just might have a few spare maps that have never been seen that could fill it`s boots. Hope to get my own reasons sorted soon as I can and come back with better news.


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