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Still having good fun with Blood Oil    

Finally finished another old mod.Started this when it came out a few years back but quit playing because of the Waterfall day mission. That's one screwed up and buggy mission not to mention saves caus

Really enjoying Blood Oil so far. I'm on M5, but something's bothering me. My riflemen and demos for the current playthrough are almost all non-M4 actors, and something odd occurs when I equip any

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Im wondering if the Blood Oil makers would be willing to collabarate to get their mod finished.

Is it up for discussion...lemme know.

I know there are a couple of modders left here....why not pool our resources and try to get something out for xmas.


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well thats why im thinking it would/could be good to pool resouces and release a comprehensive expansion.

new weapons

new missions

new maps

new characters

new campaign

it's inevitable to me now that the future of GR modding is close to finished so would be nice to go out with a bang so to speak.

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im working on a jungle storm ps2 to pc port. im not sure when i'll finish, but if ever finish, and when Blood Oil gets done we should make an unofficial Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Silver Edition containing Frostbite,Blood Oil, and Jugle Storm.

Now THAT's what I'm talking about!!!!! I've been on about a JS port for years...

Looking forward to Blood Oil!

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:<img src=:'>

:notworthy: Tinker, that is just awe-inspiring and I cannot wait to see this gem released!

You guys really are keeping the Ghost Recon dream alive, and when I see this - I am sure it will stay alive! It is people like you that keep the torch lit for a game that nobody expected to survive this long, certainly not back on November 13, 2001!


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here comes a small update on some MEND chrs,

the guy with the yellow and red hood has got a "bobble" on top of his hod.

then we have a new chr with an intimidating hockey/tribalmask.

the good man Phlookian has been a great help in creating these chrs.

and i can assure you all that these guys mean business ................




best regards/ ingeloop

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the mod team is working at a slow but steady pace and at this time i can not

state the ETA for sure.

Tinker may have a better guess about this.

a good guess though is a short while into the new year.

as a celebration to 2009 and to a good year for [GR] :)

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Mission scripting has begun!

We hope to provide a more detailed update after the xmas period is over.


We`ll let the party`s, pop and pies settle first. Nothing in the immediate future planned, but all is going well. Maps still need some work, lot`s of missions to build... Special attention to Single Player mode is being looked into too. Will update soon with more.


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Nice work!

I'm asking this in case there's an accidental misspelling that you might want to get rid of.

The rebel wearing the "Dead With Shell" shirt, it seems to me that it'd make more sense if it read "Death to Shell" or "Shell is Death", unless , of course, the wearer's English is poor, and is being reflected on the shirt.

I'm also happy to see that the earlier shot of the bright white hockey mask wearer has since been aged/yellowed/dirtied up. Is the same going to be done to those wearing the newly bleached white shirts as well? It looks pretty hot and dirty where they're at, so I'd imagine we'd see some yellow sweat stains around the armpits, neck collar and down the middle of the back.

These guys really look threatening, and I was impressed by the source photo for the one guy who has his winter hat pulled entirely over his face. Such research sure adds a ton of credibility to what you're trying to accomplish here.


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