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Still having good fun with Blood Oil    

Finally finished another old mod.Started this when it came out a few years back but quit playing because of the Waterfall day mission. That's one screwed up and buggy mission not to mention saves caus

Really enjoying Blood Oil so far. I'm on M5, but something's bothering me. My riflemen and demos for the current playthrough are almost all non-M4 actors, and something odd occurs when I equip any

Considering what has occurred in the EDF thread this may be a good time to resurrect this thread...

yea BBS went pro, but cobaka is still on the team as far as I know and has done a waterfall map as well as worked on one or two more, but I can't give any definite status for those...Hammer and Tinker joined the party awhile back and have been working on content as best they can while maintaining other projects and RL...I will tell ya they have already done some amazing work for this mod though, but I'm going to let them give you any specifics they may wish to share with you...natsanwa is the weapons man and you're aware of all the stuff he has been working on lately...perhaps the team will come up with some specific requests for him....with Tinker on board and G possibly available we have two to three scripters at this time including myself...I've been pondering a Tears of The Sun senario for a mission...that would be the village scene in all its horror....with the exception of a rape scene I guess...that could take place on the waterfall map or perhaps a new one.... :whistle: ingeloop has also been working on the mod and has come up with some nice stuff to date...one thing we will try to do is include more civvies in this mod, too bad we can't have em throwing rocks a la Delta Force BHD... :)

mig :ph34r:

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too bad we can't have em throwing rocks a la Delta Force BHD...

Let`s keep the requests else where! :whistle:

:) What goes around, comes around. Tinker signing in as member of this project. Hope to provide some fun. Hammer is away with work commitments, but has provided a lot of things i am not mentioning just yet. Will try to put up a intro to my side of things "soon".


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unfortunately, Gasplant was never finished - 99% there but didnt quite get there.

:whistle: Not by bluesoul, but it was put out there for other people to finish if they wanted to use it :yes:

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Ingleloop has done a lot of magic here, hope to get some in game shots soon.

We have Natsanwa on the weapons side, Mig and Tinker will be scripting, should be fun.

Gas Plant

Author: Bigbluesoul

Status: Good to go. Fantastic map, looking at a real good mission here.

Comments: Yes, BBS is back on the case to finish the map! Played latest version toady, and great stuff.




River Raid

Author: Tinker

Status: Poor

Lot of work to be done here, mainly texturing now, and level work, but this is going to see

the light of day eventually, with some great changes.




Storage Facility

Author: Tinker

Status: Looking good so far. Some building work to do, but overall plan going well.





Author: Cobaka

Status: Complete, Beautifull map




Work in progress!

No estimated date for release, keep an eye out for updates.


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