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natsanwa model pack 1


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hey guy's.

i've had a few requests to send models lately, but due to lack of time, it's been a mission. so... i put together a bunch of weapon models and rsbs, and have sent it to rocky for the free modding stuff section. basically, you can use the models and textures as you wish, just give credit for them if you use them in a mod. no need to ask permission, just go right ahead!

so all you ned to do is create some gun files that are to your liking - then youre away! sweet.

heres a list of whats in the first pack...



m82a1 desert camo


cobb ba-50 t

cheytac intervention sd

ai- aw-50

m21 tactical

m24 sws



m14 dmr

mk14 ebr (acocg)

mk14 ebr (leupold)

m14 socom

benelli m1014

benelli super black eagle

benelli supernova

hk mp7

hk mp5 sd (eotech/night scope)

hk ump 45

m79 law


hk mk23 mod 0 (docter sight/sd)

fn - five-seven

desert eagle .50

fly tk (mortar - with new mortar projectiles)


p90 tr sd

hope this is ok for you all. way more to come. way,way more in pack 2.



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cheers for the feedback guy's. hope you like 'em. i wonder if i should have included the mortar ret though??? hmm....

anyway...more thing's coming soon......

v - soon!


thing's like...

scar - h - eotech/bipod

scar- h - reflex - bipod

scar - l - leupold/bipod

scar - l - acog/anpeq/bipod

scar - l - acog - gl

scar- l - eotech - bipod/anpeq (plus some more ....cant remember)(some desert tan versions too)

famas sd


famas - gl

famas - sd - gl

ak 47




aks-74u + bs 1 silent gl

ak 103

amd 65

m4 - cqbr - surefire

m4-cqbr- sniper

m4 - masterkey

m4 - spr

spr sniper

hk psg1

famas sniper


usp tactical

ingram mac 10 (sd)

imi uzi

vsk 94

svd dragunov

60 mm mortar

rpg 7 (scoped)

browning m2hb (anpvs scope)

m249 saw para

m26a1 frag

m26 impact frag

and lots more stuff.....

after that will be about another two packs of the same size.....

meh - lots...

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thanks guy's!!! hope it's all working out ok? any comments or missing files and such like, let me know? cheers!

ok...been messin around with some combo's for the m4 cqbr for the next pack....heres a few pics of ideas (ignore the white alpha channel's and stuff looking backwards, it will be right on release. :thumbsup:


m4 + elcan dr + anpeq + m203 (not sure about this)


m4 +elcan dr + anpeq + surefire


m4 + eotech + anpeq + surefire


m4 + bipod + some big-ass scope (dont know what it's called)


m4 + super sniper scope (??) + surefire


m4 + eotech + anpeq + surefire

im thinkin suppressed versions of all, plus some with pvs scope too and maybe a 3x magnifier? what's the scoop?

heres a few randoms too...






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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks much for pack one nat. Looking forward to two also.

Could you possibly include the SMAW HEPD qob file? It must have been left out of the first release by accident.

argh!!!! really? nightmare! there had to be something i forgot eh? i can include it in the next one, but if you need it fast, send me a pm. ill home tomorrow, so i can mail it to ya?


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