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SupRore's DomWar WIP


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LATEST: Learning to normal map; seems easy enough. Model's still wip.



Doing some early scribbling in Silo2 for my Dominance War entry. Representing polycount.


This probably isn't my final design, and definitely isn't part of my final model. Just getting some sculpting practice (my third time with the software) and some rough ideas together.

My next image ought to stretch the forum a little less; I'll change this to a link whenever I get something up.

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-Head update in first post

Hit a bit of a speedbump -- gotta model myself a full, quads only base mesh, and since I don't have one already, starting with a generic male, which I'll later convert into the basic form for my entry's highpoly sculpt. Day and a half in, about. Almost done. Not used to quads at all, though, so it's going pretty slowly.


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The problem with this sup, (I meant to say on MSN the other nite) is I know your doing it for the fun of it rather than winning, but if your sort of modeling with these new "Mudbox" type modelling process, you have to show a target of what your trying to achieve, a concept or a definate plan, you could easily look at your last pic and say, that looks like someones testing with the poly bump tool there or whatever. I personally think it looks pretty good, but Im no organic modeller, and always with something purly from your brain you run the risk of having it look random. I think if your model has elements of Lizard/Dinosaur in it, so you should build on that, using your textures to really show that it was a planned development. My 2 Pence worth!

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You have an excellent point, Chems, but in this case I don't have a solid plan. :rofl:

This is as much concept art as it is highpoly modeling. I'm moving away from the lizard idea a bit, but, at the moment, I'm just improvising. Around the end of the month things should start to tighten up a bit, but right now I can afford to take a little time and make sure I can come up with a design I like.

However, in a week or two I'll definitely have something more definitive and clear. :)

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keep at it sup...

BTW I just bought a book on drawing ... (complete guide to drawing)

has excellent references in it to human anatomy and some.

check it out at a book store if you get a chance. You really see in some of the techniques used in drawing how they compare to creating models. Like blocking out shapes then defining them etc.

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