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This is it Ghosts - you've come a long way and you've been through a lot. But you're not quite home yet.

One more firefight - and it's gonna be a big 'un.

While you're making your way to the EZ, a couple of secondary objectives along the way - but don't run late - the Chopper won't wait.

Objectives are clear - but you're a Ghost - so keep your eyes open and your head clear, you never know what hidden goodies you might find to help you secure victory.

And I'll see you when you Cross The LIne.


You will receive TWO files for this mission. The mission file you drop in the missions folder as usual. The castle.env file goes in a new folder you must create. Got to your map folder and in there create a new folder called castle, drop the castle.env into that folder. The new download zip has the castle file already in a castle folder for your convenience. That's it.

Gametype : In a change from previous missions, you must play mission 5 via the QUICK MISSION option.

MODS - Make sure you have DTD Weapons Mod activated, or else in game models will not show up etc. NOTE : The DTD mod is installed with the AS mod so you will already have it installed, just activate it in your options menu. Place the Mods in this order - DS,IT,DTD,WW,CENT,BEL. <-- That is important.

Mission Time - 3 Hours

Advice - The insert is hectic, survive the first MAJOR firefight and things should settle down - double check that briefing above - it may bring good fortunes.

TIP > Read the mission brief CAREFULLY.

Good Luck.

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