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Multiplayer preview video up at gametrailers.com


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Graphically it looks alot better. Can't wait to get my hands on it to play some coop.

It mad, orginally before GRAW came out i was really looking forward to playing SP(never had a fast internet connection) but now for me the meat of the game is now in Coop, just wish there were more that 6 missions.

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Looks like a pretty good video of GRAW 2 multiplayer:


----Don't see a medic in mutiplayer. I think this is a good thing.

----There is a compass!!!!!!!!!!!!

----In respawn games you start invincible...but you can shoot right away. Once you shoot, you invincibility is off. Should work good for all the spawn camping crying that goes on.

Spawn zones are larger, which i guess is good for anti-spawn camping.

----Multiple team colors like blue, yellow, green, etc. GREAT since I always bitched about being on red team and not able to see friendlies.

----Cross come looks cleaner. By the way guys, if you have turned yours off...you might want to turn it back on again. Once I got used to missing that portion of the screen, which is NOT a big deal by the way, it has often served me well seeing a friendly getting killed and watching to see if he is over-run and which way the enemy went. Could be even more crucial with the new full view mode.

----Smoke effects look great.

----It looks like they may have improved accuracy for support weapons when prone.

----In the one screen it says about someone being promoted to officer. Just in case you missed it, there is a VIP game mode where you assign a guy as officer and it affects your points. So no, there isn't any "promotion" system where you earn game advantages or anything. I watched the clip again to make sure I didn't misunderstand.

----It looks like you choose your profile default weapon before you play if you want. The selection process shows you some weapon characteristics. This should help people greatly.

----I think I saw a "redux" style darkness on some maps.

Things that cause me concern or questions:

---I hope that the host can turn IFF off. I didn't seen any evidence either way. Surely this is now a standard Ghost Recon option they would not miss.

----I hope that the host can turn night vision off. I didn't seen any evidence either way. Surely this is now a standard Ghost Recon option they would not miss.

----I didn't see any Siege or Blind Siege games being played. Surely this is standard in Ghost Recon games nowadays.



statistics and game guides for

Ghost Recon Games are on


Check it out!

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nice pics..

any chance of pics from that flooded level with the great sunset lighting...

oh that and the burning crash site.

in the video u see new team colors...any chance 3 or 4 team modes might be in the game??? cause u know that would require huge maps..and that is something we would all like.

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The first screen (great screens by the way) shows the down but not out senario just like in Gears of War....if you look in the top left of the screen it shows the green 'A' button icon and it reads DIE/RESPAWN.....maybe if you are on red health and are downed a team member can come to your aid...I know there is no MEDIC Class, maybe everyone will be able to revive a fallen player.....unless the hit/s are fatal.

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