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Dying Words

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Death isnt humorous but i guess you need some humor to pass the feeling

Dying Words Of Criminals Before Execution

Well, gentlemen, you are about to see a baked Appel.

Executed in electric chair in New York.

~~ George Appel, d. 1928

How about this for a headline for tomorrow's paper? French fries.

Executed in electric chair in Oklahoma.

~~ James French, d. 1966

I'd rather be fishing.

Executed in electric chair, Louisiana.

~~ Jimmy Glass, d. June 12, 1987

I did not get my Spaghetti-O's, I got spaghetti. I want the press to know this.

Executed by injection, Oklahoma.

~~ Thomas J. Grasso, d. March 20, 1995

Shoot straight you ###### and don't make a mess of it!

Executed by firing squad.

~~ Harry Harbord "Breaker" Morant, Australian poet & national hero, d. 1902

Hurry it up you Hoosier ######! I could hang a dozen men while you're screwing around.

Executed by hanging Leavenworth, Kansas.

~~ Carl Panzram, d. September 5, 1930

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