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An Open letter to GRiN - Thank you

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Dear GRiN,

As I am in the Games industry, I understand its realities. Although I do not know the specifics of the circumstances surrounding the release date followed by a summer full of patches, I have to say this....

Despite the issues that still surround this game, it is an excellent game. Yes I have my pet peeves about certain design issues, bugs still remaining etc. But I have to say that this game has a gritty intensity to it that keeps me coming back for more. It is truly unique in its feel.

First I fell in love (and hate) with singleplayer. Its still sometimes too difficult, AI does wierd things from time to time, but I love it. Then I fell in love with mission coop. (please get someone to break those mission coops into smaller, more digestible chuncks... see my otherpost on the issue). Now I am finding siege and TDM and of course, [GR] coop a full-on blast.

You guys had to take some pretty tough words from the public on this project. And some were valid. But many were not. In the end, version 1.35 is worth every dime i paid for it. It is an excellent game and I have been recommending it too all my friends now that I have thouroughly played 1.35. I hope it was profitable for you guys. I hope the nasty voices didn't beat you down. You guys have an art and a vision that is worth developing further. Please keep on keeping on.

No matter what anyone says, you have what I like to call a "near masterpeice" here. it falls short on too many little design issues etc to call it a pure masterpiece, but its close. Damn close. And that is something to be proud of. don't believe what some others may tell you. I'm hoping that you guys develop GRAW2 off those lessons and with the additional touches and features that we all want. But that simply doesn't take away from what I got out of a box I only paid 40 dollars for.

I very much look forward to your next release. But please take your time and don't release it too early..... this one will keep me occupied for many more months.

All the Best,

Glenn (aka Sleepdoc)

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...is worth every dime i paid for it. It is an excellent game...

I used to be puzzled, then got a kick out of, and now just disregard all those posts about being robbed out of their inheritance on this game.

Good cost/value ratio IMO.

Thought I'd get that in before this thread gets dive-bombed.

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"No matter what anyone says, you have what I like to call a "near masterpeice"

Good post and the above quote is very true indeed.

I think calling it a near masterpeice is accurate.

To call it a pure masterpeice would be to be blind to its many faults.

To call it a flop would be equally as blind. It is an exicting game that has provided me many many hours of intense entertainment and will likely continue to do so.

One of the features of a masterpeice (and a near one) is that a player finds a good time in amny of its modes. I find single player, Coop mission, [GR] coop, TDM, siege and hamburger hill all pretty fun (some more than others of course). But allof them are implemented in a pretty fun way. The maps are excellent, and the graphics engine has really grown on me over time.

Lets hope they don't break what is good, and develop all the additional ideas that can make it even better.

remember Grin. options options options. Don't worry if some post "hates this feature" or" hates this weapon". Its totally irrelvant. give the users as many options as possible, including the options to turn off things on servers for those who don't like it. Then you can really build a massive online community that alsts for years and make lots of sales.

All the best,


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Well said Sleepdoc.

When I keep coming back to a game because it's fun and engaging I call it a success. Sure there are nagging little things that keep it from being an outright homerun, still I keep coming back for more. I'm still logging in around 10 hours per week playing on top of a full time job and other responsibilities.

I really believe it's the little annoying things that have kept more people from adopting this game, not the overall design.

I welcome GRAW2 from GRIN and hope they are able to polish and fix those little things to make this game from a technical and useability perspective stand up to anything on the market - for example like having to restart after map download. Because it's minor things like that which are really keeping it from reaching it full potential IMO.

Keep up the good work GRIN and I look forward to what you guys pull off for GRAW2.

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There are 2 main things i would love to see in GRAW 2.

A) Much larger weapon selection.

B) The ability to customize your soldie, as seen in Rainbow 6 Vagas i think it is, I mean damn you can even add a beard...

The more we can indavidualise our gaming the more people would play it, myself for one would play a game alot more if i could make the main character the way i want it lol.

Gives you a sence of control.

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I have been off playing R6 Vegas and reading the forum for that game. All I can say is "Thank God, we have Grin as the developer for GRAW. After reading and experiencing some of the problems with R6 Vegas (even though it is fun..in SP at least :) ), GRAW is/was the most complete game to come out for Ubisoft. With this in mind, I too, say "Thank You, GRIN"! :D

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