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You've stumbled across your jet which is being guarded by Serbians.

You recall that there is a backup radio stored in the jet - if you can retrieve it you can contact Command.

You also remember that the storage unit for the Film Recording of your Aerial Surveillance showing the Serbians carrying out Ethnic Cleansing is accessible from the cockpit.

You must try to retrieve both.

If you do so you will not only determine the location for the new EZ but also receive secondary objectives.

Secondary Objective 1 - Demo the plane - you must find a Democharge and place it at the cockpit. A chance to pick up a new primary weapon too.

Secondary Objective 2 - Eliminate a Serbian Officer responsible for ordering the deaths of thousands of Bosnian women and children. Check out the Serbian HQ.

Enemy Spotting Distance - 50 meters.

Stealth - is key here - you can engage but will probably find you engage more then intended. If you go in Rambo-style chances are the Serbs will call in reinforcements.

You can engage - but pick your fights carefully and when necessary, or it could get ugly.

Good Luck

By the way - big opportunity to gain some big points - a chance for the struggling Ghosts to get back in the game.

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