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Agent Smith's Effects Mod: FEAR edition (DOWNLOAD LINKS)

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Because there is so much clutter in the main thread, and I cannot edit my own post (Makes sense, it's nearly 3 months old), I decided to make a seperate thread to stop all of the confusion of download links once and for all.

Full Mod




Agent Smith's Effects Mod: FEAR Edition

For: Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter


PARENTAL NOTICE: This effects mod has included blood that does not reflect upon the rating made on the game by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board), and it is bloodier than the standard stock product.

The blood amount is equivalent to a Mature (M) rated game.

NOTICE: You MUST have Effects quality on HIGH in order for this mod to work.

NOTICE 2: Note, by installing this mod, you agree that you are installing this mod at your OWN RISK. If your PC stops normal function in anyway, in any form, that it is not caused by me. You agree to install this mod at your own risk.


FEAR Edition additions:

- Splattering blood! Thanks to the revolutionary work of mirr, the Effects mod now has reached a level of realism that I have aimed for ever since I started modding. In addition, there is more blood

than mirr's mod stock.

- Higher quality blood decals, they look much more realistic now. (However, Grass will NOT have blood on it, due to a fix to prevent blood from splattering when there is no soldier around.)

- More realistic looking blood cloud.

- More realistic looking bullet hole decal on Concrete and Asphalt surfaces.

Removed additions:

-Intros being skipped. This has caused a guaranteed crash after the TDM patch has been released.

Known issues:

- The .50 turret spawns NUMEROUS blood splats whenever it is firing at the Ghosts.

- Blood does not splat that often when a soldier is hit.

- Blood decals on soldiers clip within the model.


V 2.0:

- Edited Weapon names

- Blue corners in the HUD are now removed.

- Blood decals on bodies will now stay on the bodies when the NPC dies. Only applies to fighting NPCs such as your Ghosts, the Mexicans, and the US Marines.

- Blood cloud on impact is now even BIGGER. Around two times as large. (I'm a blood lover, sorry.)

- Fix for bug for when a cardboard box is hit, it displays the blood decal. It now displays the proper decal.

- Small props now collide with wheels.

- Single shot on weapons is now even faster than before. (INCLUDING the Mexicans' G36 and their LMG (Don't know the name).) THE M249 SAW DOES NOT HAVE A SINGLE SHOT MODE.

- Tracers are now removed. (If you want them, just delete the e_tracers.xml in the Effects folder.)

- renderer_settings.xml XMLs have been removed.

- Intros have been skipped for faster loading.



- Blood now appears on bodies when you shoot them! However, a fix for the marks of blood on bodies dissappearing after you kill the character has yet to be found. (My game crashes when I load the suspected fix, so I removed it.)

- Bigger blood cloud when someone is hit.

- Bodies can now be pushed and moved by the player.

- Small props (Plants for example) can now be pushed and moved by the player.

- Grenade craters will now stay forever.

- Bullet holes will now stay forever.


Directions to install:

Extract this .ZIP into your GRAW Local English installation folder.


C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\Local\English



mirr- For writing the ground-breaking code to allow splattering blood to happen.

Monolith- For the F.E.A.R. blood decals and bullet hole decal.

Blood only




If you still have the slo-mo problem


Installation directions to fixing the slo-mo problem

1. Make a backup of your current Local -> English folder.

2. Move out the mods from the Local -> English folder (NOT from the backup) that do not pertain to the effects or textures folder (If there any custom textures that you are using such as skins for the Ghosts, move them out as well).

3. DELETE all of the folders remaining.

4. Insert the Blood only mod via the links above.

5. Go into the Effects folder and check to see if there are ANY other .xmls that are NOT:



6. Load the game and see if it's still there. If not, play away!

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*GREAT* "Blood Only" mod here! In addition, your "No tracers!" mod, together with Community Mod Pack 1.0, M4 rifle mod, CleanHudv.4, Draw Distance, Vth's Realism mod, and Spec4CE Metro skins will keep me playing right up until GRAW2 hits the stores, and probably long after GRAW2! Thanks for making GRAW1 playable again!


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  • 6 months later...

Hey guys! Just tried installing this mod and when I try to load my save game I get this error msg:

Crash in application version: grpcrc1.02

data\lib\units\extensions\humandamage.dsf(-1): <void> cannot be tagged



Any ideas? Thanks for your time, Alex

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Just realised that I need to update my game to newest version!! Lol!

One other thing, just trying to reinstall this mod and when i was putting the weapons.xml file into the string file, I already had one in there!! Is there a way I can merge them with an editor? Is it easy to do? Cheers, Alex

Quick update, the weapon.xml file that was already in there was the one from Brettzies_M4_mod_v3.3.

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