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GR Trivia Question


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Here is the teaser pics Rocky. Map is 10% complete, but I will post the pics at this time. Can anyone who has original GR gaming experience tell me which map this looks like from the original GR? I bet those who recall that game will get this answer correct.

I have to actually add tons of detail to make the game fun. If I kept it as original as can be it would not be fun. It needs various areas for cover and a 16 vs 16 will be a meat grinder so this is designed for HH, SIEGE, and TDM with either a kill limit or for lower capacities. Spawn camping will be factored into this map so you will need to keep some folks around the spawns to protect.

If you play the map as it is designed to be played it will be very fun. Release date - TBD. No release without my discussion with Rocky. Don't ask. LOL

> Click image for high res version.









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At the moment I am not looking to map the Night Docks map because there is no way to construct submarine bays, or ramps for the water tanks and I don't like the thought of jerry rigging a map to look like something it isn't. So far this design to start with a replica of Day Docks (which I don't believe had single player). I can script something in it for gameplay when done like enemy attacks from the train tracks area, but it will be basic.

But once Day Docks is complete, I have to add GRAW touches to give many areas for cover or the map will not be that fun to play.

Speaking of which - I have a MAJOR issue so far. GL's. If you take a weapon with a GL that is fine, but when you go to use it the GL makes the sound of a launch, but nothing comes out and no result so this brings a GL bug with it. If that is acceptable to the community then I will look to release it when the time comes. I am not releasing anything at the moment for any maps. Waiting on a project that is in progress ( ;) , Rocky).

I feel that there is no workaround on this bug, but if anyone knows what could be the issue please reply. Releasing a map with a bug is not a good idea, but I have no problem letting it go at some point. It is the COM STATION landscape. All I did was build this map off to the side near the lighthouse just above the water. I think that area has some issue with the use of the GL. Regular nades are fine. I will continue to work on this and other projects as time permits. Thanks for the responses.

Keep in mind - I could make it extremely close to the original, but it is not fun for GRAW that way. Needs the park benches near water area, vehicles, etc. There is a crane and a helicptoper pad, but the pad is soo large it makes more sense to use it for container storage. You will see what I mean when it is done.

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I figured out what the GL issue was. I was mapping too far away from the start point. The COM STATION map is on the terrain so what I had to do is lower the terrain under the water and map there. So at this point I am starting from ground zero (beginning). I am just glad I found out what the issue was.

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FYI - when I make a map I make it in all gametypes excluding [GR] coop, however, since I have been mapping a bit with coop code, I think each future map (including this one) will have some form of coop in it for single player gameplay. This will probably have a defend type of coop with an onslaught of enemy AI to hopefully provide 10 minutes of hang back fight off the enemy. Only when the waves of attacks will you find it safe to go to the train station.

After realising what I had to do to fix the GL bug, I spent Monday from scratch (started completely over) and have a working map (no coops yet), but I have to add the soot, smoke, paint, coffee mugs, etc to finalize the realism to the overall design. Trains have some smoke coming out of the stacks, there is a Liquor store facitlity, train station, etc. Then the gametypes will be made. There is a retaining wall/road section with street lights that looks cool. I may alter the map for another version and call it AW11 Morning Docks when all is said and done.

It all takes time, but worth it in the end. If you haven't downloaded any of the AW prefixed maps, they are all available in the ghostrecon.net download area under adversial. AW01, AW02, AW03, AW04, Delta Force Map Pack, AW09. You will see trademark designs like tipped over barrels, soot, oil spills, smoke, etc. The AW prefix just signifies Advanced Warfighter. The number is just the sequence in which they were made.

AW02 Loading Station has some feel of a day docks design (rectangle style)

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More pics, I am struggling to keep the map from crashing and had to divert to a good saved version. One of those Map Editor issues that occur when rendering at times. I will work with it and go from there. Day Docks was one of GR's original favorites. I am leaving this map open for an expansion to it and will offer coop when complete. I think other ideas like a dam map may be next. Sorry if the pics are too large. Rocky thanks for the resizing on the others.














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Not to beat this post into the ground, but I am just about done now. All gametypes will follow soon for the official release (be patient on the release).

The design is like the original Day Docks, but there is no way I could keep it as exact and have the map be fun to play. GRAW is more fast paced and there would be no room for movement so the map is slightly larger and many objects were added for cover. I would have to scale the map in almost half and remove a ton of items.

I tested a little over an hour ago and it worked well. South West corner spawns US (near warhouses and water) and North East corner spawns Mex (around the train station). I wish I could say it felt like the old GR Day Docks, but it is hard to really say. I think the graphics on this map are better. The water and mountain views with the city in the background are nice, although I liked playing original GR Day Docks better for the slow paced gameplay.

Designs that are similar to the GR Day Docks are

  • The long alley where the offices and warehouses were at (I added oil tanks and some debris to make it look better)
  • The stacks of crates where the warehouses are located (as shown in some of the pics)
  • A road in almost mid section that goes up past the offices and warehouse (added vehicles for designs)
  • Parking lot where the offices are (the offices are actually a Teledyne Inc warehouse in this map)
  • Train Track with Train cars (Much graffiti was added to the train cars for look of vandalism and I used 3 tracks which line up to a train bridge for designs). Flat train cars are loaded with crates and dumpsters.
  • Container Placement (the large containers are all over and some may hate that, but it is the best way to simulate a loading dock style map). Way more containers that the original GR, but had to
  • Ocean and Seagul background sounds

Other items that are not in original GR

  • Lighthouse in the water off the west docks
  • City in the distance
  • Mountain in the distance
  • Various areas with seagull crap (rooftops, ground, etc)
  • Business text on the buildings (Teledyne Inc, FOXXX Corp, BAYSTATE POOLS SUPPLIES), etc
  • Liquior Facility & Train Station (unaccessible - for looks and possible expansion to the map some day
  • Various barrels
  • Heli Pad which is used as a container storage location
  • Crane (to simulate how the containers get stacked on the heli pad and areas on the ground
  • Piles of bricks were scattered about to simulate the results of some of the tipped over cars.

As in the original Day Docks spawn camping was an issue, but this has more areas for cover so it will be slightly different. If anyone can find the Shanty_Dirt object (the little funny looking troll prop) let me know. I hid him in the map. I try to hide him in there as an easter egg. The maps I have him in are AW04 Ghost Town, AW09 Road to Reaper, and now AW10 Day Docks.

If anyone wants to learn how to make a map on the water let me know. It takes a few minutes and I will gladly give the time to walk you through the process. We only get better by learning from others. MSN at tomanger@comcast.net or find me on the www.shadowcompanyelite.com teamspeak. Look for the map soon.

One can only hope GRAW2 will allow for these maps to be used.

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