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like any other weapon it can probably be defended against.

Clothing that reflects IR lights really well would probably render it useless.

Just like the sound weapons are supposed to be used.... if you get a hearing aid device you can tune out the frequencies.

while im not sure if thats possible I think counter measures for such devices wont be to hard to invent.

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You'd have to cover all skin areas though prozac, so while a team of nutters specifically prepared to be decked out the the latest anti-ray gun clothing might stand a chance, ad hoc rioters won't stand a chance against this thing.

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your right you would have to cover 100% of your body. Weather they are reflective glasses or what not.

works good on nutters

in either case if this thing works like a directed sound wave it could just be turned up and literaly cook people.

even the best heat and light reflective materials have their limitations.

i could only imagine a suit for such a device looking somthing like this


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