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Make your way to Extraction and wait for the Chopper to pick you up - sounds easy enough.

Just make sure you read the InGame Brief properly.

Secondary Objective - Destroy Tanks

You'll need some Democharges which you'll have to search for - I'm sure the Enemy will keep some - just look for their Ammunition Boxes.

How to destroy the tanks though? The charges are homemade devices with fixed 30 second fuses. The tanks are moving of course, so being the elite Ghost you are - you will do the calculations and work out when to place the charge so that the tank is passing over the charge when it detonates.

Note - the Demo Zones will be marked on your map and you must place the Charges within those Zones or the Charges will fail.

Secondary Objective - Rescue the Prisoners

They are being held captive somewhere on the Map and are awaiting execution.

If you can - help free them - do this by killing all of the guards or by getting close enough to them that they feel safe enough to make a run for it. Once they make a dash for freedom they are no longer your concern - you should focus on getting out of Bosnia alive.

Good Luck.....


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