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The cool funny girls of YouTube

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Ok, so I'm developing a slight crush on all of the following girls listed below. They are all hilarious and very talented.

Check out these cuties in their latest vids and watch all the rest of their vids at youtube......

Katers17 in:

Abbegirl in:

COOKIE CONFLICT!! ................................

Happyslip in:

LisaNova in:

These youtubers are my favs. All funny, talented, and cute as well. :yes:

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So the 'Stalker' in 'Stalker Zero' isn't just a name then? :P

haha.....not funny. <_<

In truth I think I picked the name "stalker zero" cause I wanted some sort of cool sounding commando name to go along with playing ghost recon. The "zero" part....I dunno I think I wanted to add something different sounding to the name. As if I was part of a secretive commando team known as the "stalkers"...the team leader in fact. And my designation/codename was Stalker zero and other operatives would be like stalker one, stalker two...etc.

Ya, I have an overactive imagination. :P

Ha, good movies.

I liked the part in katers17 video when she went all kung-fu chop sockey and said: "I am discombobulating you with my eyebrows.....we must fight to the death!" :lol:

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