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THIS IS NOT A FINAL RELEASE AT THIS TIME SO PLEASE KEEP THE DOWNLOAD LINK HERE FOR NOW THEN I WILL GIVE ROCKY THE FINAL RELEASE (It may be this version pending feedback). Final release will have a self installer for it. Download and unzip to C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\custom_levels

Version 1.0 - Nothing fancy with this map. Made for new players to learn the game a bit in a decent looking map. We currently use it with new friends/players at SCE to get them to learn the weapons more in a slowpaced environment.


Recent bombings on the US Embassy appear to be over. The demands are clear, however, our contacts with Sgt Tunney and Jacobs remain unsuccessful. They were last contacted from within the Embassy building before the bomings took place. Your mission is to regain control of the US Embassy and find our lost soldiers. Communications from local resources report that there were no survivors from the blasts. We fear the worst, but we never leave a man behind. God Speed.

This has a similar layout as the Embassy map the is in GR - with obvious mapping limitations. AW01 is one of the most favorite TDM maps running on many servers to this date so I decided to coop it. I am far from perfect so I hope you get some enjoyment out of this. 4-12 players for feedback though please.

I wanted to make an [GR] which required 4-12 players to successfully execute a map where most resistance is as you get to the extraction point. So basically you should have a little freedom at the spawn, but be careful as you reach the goal. I can be reached here or at our new sitelook SHADOW COMPANY ELITE. FYI - we are still recruiting and would love to have you in the group to enjoy - our team video is here SCE VIDEO

We are working on the download section a bit so it is currently down. You can get the map for now here


P.S. - if all goes well I will coop the Delta Force Maps for you folks - in time, unless R6V comes out with a map editor in the meantime which I don't think will happen too soon.


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This map kicks...beautiful urban layout (well done).

Your AI placements achieve your goals with flying colors. 50's are well placed and drive the teamplay nicely.

Great 2+2 cooperative map. Really looking forward to your delta force maps (very hopeful that R6V doesn't show soon ;) ).

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Yeah - it's small because originally it was a Multpplayer map and some of those maps are too big for 4 v 4 or 6 v 6 so I wanted to contribute some decent sized maps to the community, but I figured what the heck. Something for a quick extraction to get to a recon and ecounter resistance isn't such a bad idea. If I get to coop the delta force maps they will also be small, but a little different. 3 maps as a campaign so you play all 3 in a row for the larger scale experience. Last time I tried to coop them I had isssues, but I am starting over - cross your fingers.

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Great map Tom. Its good to see costum maps that are well designed and not just a plain field with 2000+ scumbags. Well done.

I got a little feedback.

the RPG guys almost blow themselves up because of all the obsticals that are near the embassy so i suggest you place them on a roof or similar so they can fire over trucks and stuff. They do add some action though when they hit some destroyable objects :)

I would place 1-3 enemys on the route to the embassy from the spawn so you need to watch your shoulder when you move there.

Id give the map layout 9/10

and the surprice aspect 5/10 ( i did get shot in the back a few times :)

Keep up the good work

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I was looking for some more constructive feedback. No enemies spawn behind you so if you are attacked from behind it is their patrol routes is my guess. I will take your ideas into consideration as I fine tune it. How many total played with you out of curiosity? It is not intended for a full capped server, more for 4 and up, but wondering. Thanks.

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