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Your plane has been shot down - so you can guess where the insert might be from.

Your priority is to hook up with your co-pilot - his location is in the Game Brief he is not as high up as the caves - but he is exactly North of your position.

Secondary objectives may or may not be marked by Blue Zone markers.

You'll probably find one of your Objectives near a Camp, and it will have good views to the skies and valley.

Your co-pilot won't be doing much at all after you visit him the first time - he will be dead. That's the way I've scripted it and there's nothing you can do to change his fortunes. It is a Lone Wolf Tourney after all. (This will make more sense in-game).

Play as many times as you like with 4 hours - My advice on all Missions - make sure you complete Extraction at least once with or without secondary objectives - a few points are better then no points.

Keep stealth as much as possible - and pick your firefights carefully.

Make sure you check your escape routes before you engage in case things get too hot.

You only need to hand in your best score and replay - make sure you record the score and code at the end of the mission. Write it down so you don't forget it!

Finally - but most importantly - have fun and don't get too worked up - it's a game after all.


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