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12 New GRAW2 X360 screenshots


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I really don't mean to bash or upset people... but those "screenshots" are terrible.

Before even going into the graphics of real screenshots... let's quickly establish that at least half of the truly "new" ones aren't screenshots at all. Below are two pics to prove my point.



Is that the exact. Same. Painted Mitchell twice?

Okay, one more Photoshop job for the road.


Hmm... check out the character to the right. At least Ubisoft implemented easter eggs this time around... Crackdown cel-shaded characters! The medic to the left doesn't fit at all either.

Now... a real screenshot.


Go on the site, and maximize this screenshot. Half-size, it still looks decent. Horrible textures, anyone?

Again, I am sure these issues will be addressed. I'm just saying that as the game stands now, it still has a ways to go.

By the way. Maybe it was mentioned that the Photoshopped "screenshots" were meant to be inspirationals, something to go by for art direction, etc. I wouldn't know. I just assume, because I'm somewhat of an idiot, prone to outbursts of sarcasm and unjustified critique.

Anyway... it's Beonder's cue now. :lol:

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Thetwo mitchell's look similar ... but not the same to me. Different perspective's - slightly lower on the bottom pic. Difference in radio antaenna and the placement of the gun. You can see the top of the radio in the upper picture as well. Different shading on the face and neck.

But I am graphically challenged so .... I will leave it to others to debate the images ;)

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The whole blue border is all for a modern appeal. You might not like but thats what the 21st century is futuristic. Games use it and so do other things. Whether you like it or not ubisoft will chuck it in because they CAN and YOu Will STIll buy their game. maybe its a sick joke maybe it turns them on.

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