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A interesting topic at the Platoon

Sgt. Atoa

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This will be Ghost Troop's last ever post.


All the best wishes to the Ghost Recon community. Farewell. It's been a blast.


Ghost Troop, over and out.

Don't you dare leave! :angry:

You share the same passion for this game that we all do. That's what this great site is for. Stick around, have fun, and speak up! :thumbsup:

Let's not forget that many of the character mods benefit from Mike Shell's conversions of the original character files. I personally don't think this is that much different in principal. I don't see it as hurting modding or existing mods at all. This would be a boon to the modding community.

Good luck, Ronin.

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Agree w Lightspeed.... great concept. Something that shoulda been done years ago.

Don't know HOW many time I found myself saying "if I could only do THIS to the map, or THAT to the map, it woulda been a much better map", not to mention fixing the occasional map glitch.

Keep it up Ronin....

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